Project Jaàki

Picture this: way back in 2015, we set out on a journey that started in a small village called Drepada. Fast forward to 2020, we decided to spread our wings and explore seven new villages. The question was, which village should we choose next? We turned to the wisdom of the locals, and they recommended Tapoeripa.

Connecting the dots, connecting people
Not long after we started to find out the women from Tapoeripa have relatives in Drepada and Balingsoela. It is one big happy Saramaccan family.

Obviously Tapoeripa is also a Saramaccan village and known as a transmigrated village. They were first living in a village on the Stuwmeer, later they had to move to Tapoeripa when the government built the dam.

Mix and match the Maroon lifestyle
We were surprised that these driven ladies all have their own kitchen garden with vegetables and fruits. To make it to the kitchen garden they have to walk almost 30 minutes into the forest but that doesn't stop the women from going every day to take care of their plants. Most of these women have a full time job but want to do something on the side. Working with Talking Prints works out well.

These women are sewing our first blouses with a colorful design made by artist Siah Valentina. Since these women are so motivated we had to come up with a second item for the ladies to make. And then the pillow cases were born made of African Print fabric.

See for yourself?
If you're curious about the sewing skills of these incredible ladies, you don't have to wonder any longer. Just order one of our fabulous items, and you'll see the talent and care they put into each piece.
Embrace the colors and stories behind each creation, and know that when you choose Talking Prints, you're not just buying products; you're supporting a whole community.