Project Hijarono

Guess what?! We found a cute little village hidden next to the busyness of Albina. Most people don’t even know that there are villages next to Albina which are called Marijkedorp. 

Hidden Treasure
We found out about this modern indigenous village back in 2020. What I mean by modern is that it's developed compared to other indigenous villages in Suriname. The indigenous tribe from this village is called Arrowak. Most people from Marijkedorp don’t know how to speak the Arrowak language any more. Also we found a hidden beach not far from Albina. We fell in Love at first sight. 

60+ magic

Our first meeting with this group of 6 elderly Indigenous ladies surprised us a bit because of their enthusiasm to learn something new. The ladies were on time and ready to sew. They have had experience in sewing and wanted to learn how to make new items. Almost all of these ladies are in the age of 60+ and have much free time to do something creative. These  ladies stole our hearts right from the start. At first we were a little bit insecure, will these ladies listen to us since we are younger? But they surprised us. With their humbleness and eagerness they learned to make this not so easy new product of ours. This product has so many layers but we are so proud of these ladies. They were persistent and patient, that’s the right attitude to learn this product. 

Ultra handy computer cover
So, let me introduce you to our pride and joy. This fabulous, colorful, and ultra-handy computer cover! It’s the result of the incredible teamwork between our team and these wonderful ladies. Trust me, you’re going to fall in love with it just like we did.