Project Skowtas

The next Saramaccan village is called Makambi. Just like Tapoeripa the people originally are from the Stuw lake. This village came to us just at the right moment.
The Surinamese government was launching a school project aimed at crafting school bags for primary school kids, and we were lucky enough to join in on the fun. Our mission? To create 400 bags in two months!
Filled with excitement and determination, we packed our bags and headed over to Makambi. Our team included the designer, Meredith Joeroeja, and we were all set to teach the women Makambi the art of bag-making.

 From six to three
We began with a group of six ladies. Now, let us tell you, making these bags was not easy. We never knew the sewing skills of the women beforehand, but we've always believed in the creativity of the women. After all, anything is possible when you put some energy into it. At first, making the bags was a little tricky for the new ladies. We worked hard together, and three incredible women succeeded in our bag making test.

Determination, passion and teamwork
To think, they managed to craft a total of 400 bags in just two months! Talk about determination, passion, and teamwork. The school project was a success, and it was with joy that we added this unique bag to our collection. Each bag tells a story and as we look back at the smiles, the laughter, and the shared moments of learning, we are reminded that when communities come together, magic truly happens!